Two New Live Beardfish Tracks

Beardfish is planning on releasing Mammoth (source) in March 2011, but in the meantime two tracks “The Platform” and “And the Stone Said If I Could Speak” have been performed live and are available on YouTube. Also, an edited version of “The Platform” is also available on YouTube. “The Platform” (Bratislava 10/25/2010)

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Haken – Aquarius

There are few albums that acquire your attention so quickly, and somehow, I missed Haken’s debut release Aquarius in March 2010. As the year draws to a close, this album has had several rotations on my playlist and there is no reason for it to leave any time soon. For a debut album, Aquarius has […]

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December Amateur Round-Up

ProgSnobs welcomes all musical acts to submit their music for review. However,  it may be impossible to do a full-length review and not all bands are able to send a compact disc, our preferred way to listen to new material. Once a month, if enough material comes through, ProgSnobs will publish an Amateur Round-Up with […]

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Salim Ghazi Saeedi – Iconophobic

Iconophobic is an instrumental album that is far more focused than most releases by self-produced individual artists, yet each of its compositions offer unfocused melodies that appear to be controlled chaos to your ears’ benefit. The album never gives you cheap thrills that you would expect and the short songs often have a feel of […]

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Kaipa – In The Wake Of Evolution

While Kaipa has had a lengthy career, beginning in the mid-1970s when English progressive rock was waning and the influence was spreading to other countries, I have finally heard them. My knowledge of them is more recent, as a big fan of The Flower Kings knowing that Roine Stolt was a founding member would give […]

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Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier

Iron Maiden‘s 15th studio album, The Final Frontier continues much of the same sound that has preceded them throughout the first decade of the millennium. For some this a travesty; to others, this is a move in the right direction. There is no doubt that the 2008-2009 Somewhere Back in Time World Tour had some […]

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Rush – “Caravan” and “BU2B”

When describing progressive rock legends RUSH, there are certain reactions from fans and music reviewers that are usually given; incredible musicianship, drum solos, high-pitched vocals, eerily long epics and yes,  a bit of quirkiness. It goes without saying that 2010 and 2011 are going to be on the biggest years in Rush’s history. Not only […]

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Yes and Avatar

It has come to no surprise to those who have seen Avatar and seen the inspiration of Roger Dean’s Yes artwork. Yes has been known for their artwork that often depict gorgeous, colorful worlds that feature futuristic settings with a natural tone. Both the film Avatar and a majority Yes’ lyrical and musical output has […]

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Spock’s Beard – X

Spock’s Beard has continued to press on, despite the diminished fan base over the years. With a lesser, but loyal fan base the band chose to use crowd funding to pay for studio time with an early limited 5,000 run pre-order edition with retail and digital editions at later dates. The crowd funding idea worked […]

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