Beardfish – Mammoth

Let it be known that Beardfish may indeed become the leading progressive rock band coming into the 2010s. I consider that be a bold statement because the band composes interesting songs that seem so effortless, yet consistently awesome. I jumped aboard the Beardfish bandwagon in 2009 when they were announced to be a part of […]

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D Project – Big Face

Project D’s 2011 release, Big Face has an compositional quality that never feels like one has truly traveled through the album or have been challenged enough to warrant additional listens. D Project constantly switches gears to only to please themselves, leaving the album’s contents feeling disconnected. The album does have moments that suggest the musicians […]

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Soul Killing Female – Landmines

Soul Killing Female’s Landlines is a self-produced work by Michael Lewis that certainly has its influences on its sleeve and attempts to create an atmospheric experience with these influences in mind. The convolution of so many influences and the lack of collaboration leaves this album flat. The album lacks any replay value since each song […]

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Still Alive

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a review but now I’m back. Graduate school doesn’t offer enough time to write quality progressive rock and metal reviews alongside my popular website CinemaFunk where I write movie reviews. Despite my lack of updates, the site has grown in visits and pageviews and I […]

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Lime Shark – The Money Clock

Lime Shark, at first, sounds laughable, many progressive bands do. As the tracklist moves on you start to “get it.” This British band is less of a progressive rock band and more of a rock band with progressive leanings. The similarities to the harmonies of King’s X and driving bass rhythms from Rush are not […]

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Jordi Clapés-Bot – Right Sides EP

Jordi Clapés-Bot’s Right Sides kicks off with the title track, “Right Sides”, and features a haunting atmosphere with a sense of vicereal mystery and does not deviate much from the motif. Instead, Clapés-Botadds poses new ideas, experiments on top of his constant compositions and keeps the groove going by introducing contradictory sentimentality. “Geometrical Views” features […]

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Kingcrow – Phlegethon

I am always skeptical about reviewing albums submitted to ProgSnobs, but of course the one or two that turn out to be excellent always revives my interest in continuing the blog. Kingcrow‘s Phlegethon is one of those albums, pure progressive metal on their own terms. It is well-composed, well-paced, and the entire album never outlasts […]

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Lemmy Movie Review

This review is a re-post of a Lemmy movie review post at CinemaFunk and FilmJunk. Every fan has their own ideal set of figures that are seminal to the foundations of heavy metal and Lemmy Kilmister has always been a part of that set. As the new decade has rolled over, Lemmy, at 65, has […]

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Jose Carballido – Requiem

With my Graduate World Cinema course at the Savannah College of Art and design, one of the particular aspects I have been studying is trying to reduce the Eurocentric (often Americentric) vision of the world. For cinema, this is easy as watching films with subtitles, even though the images can tell the story just the […]

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